Shree Samartha Vayam mandir won U/18 Boys & Girls State Level kho kho Championship 2009
Shivchatrapati Award Babli Vaidya kho kho
Shivchatrapati Award Vikas Shirgaonkar kho kho
Shivchatrapati Award Apurva Surve Malakhamb
Eklavya Award Saket Jeste kho kho
Veer Abhimanyu Ashvin Sahastrbudhe kho kho

Everything from Mallakhamb kho-kho,judo,aasnas,to Basketball is taught at this disciplined internationally famous academy.founded by P.l.kale guruji

Shree Samartha Vyayam Mandir was founded way back in 1925 by Shri PL Kale Guruji, a renowned wrestler, and since then it has grown steadily. Today there are nearly 1,000 students coming to the Vyayam Mandir every day. So many activities happen here simultaneously, and each one of them is taught by accomplished and dedicated trainers. They have Gymnastics, Mallakhamb (ancient form of Indian gymnastics done on a pole or rope), Yogasana, Kho-Kho, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Athletics, Judo, Karate, Wrestling, Bodybuilding, Weight lifting and general games.

So much is this institute’s dedication to physical exercise and fitness, that its students are trained in any of the disciplines for a fee of only Rs. 30 a month. Living in a gym and spa culture of exorbitant rates, it is heartening to see an institute so driven by passion, and so focused on its goal, where money is never allowed to become a condition for fitness. And the Vyayam Mandir has seen its results. Over 1,000 students have won national championships, and so many youngsters have qualified for international gymnastics and athletic events, and have done well.

If there is anything about Samartha that needs an extra special mention, it is the Mallakhamb; and it is not just in India that this institution is propagating this sport. This year a team of students and trainers are set to go to Germany for the 6th consecutive year, and every year students from Germany, USA, Singapore and several other countries come to Samartha for advanced Mallakhamb training under the guidance of Uday Deshpande, who heads the Mallakhamb Federation of India.

Although anyone from any age group (5 years onwards) is allowed to join, aspirants have to participate in a camp or a shibir first. The shibirs are where basics from all these disciplines are introduced to participants. Though they are simple, they are a test to see your dedication and your passion to exercise. Only once you clear the shibir, are you allowed to be a regular student of the institute. These 10 day shibirs happen every three months, with a basic fee of Rs. 50 for registration.

Although Samartha believes that there is no age limit for fitness, it is best to start young. Parents out there, are you listening?
Shree Samartha Vyayam Mandir is almost like an answer to everything. Have hyper-active kids with destructive habits? Enroll them at Samartha and watch them transform into able sports persons; and you can join too: There is no age limit, and the trainers are ever encouraging. Always worried about escalating prices of sports classes and extracurricular classes? Well, Samartha is as reasonable as can get. Besides, the quality of teaching and the discipline is par excellence. Limited parking space is available.Anytime between - 7.30 AM - 10 AM and 4 PM - 8 PM